Event Production

From planning to management of overseas events, exhibitions, seminars, job fairs and concerts we provide quality service as we team up with our local partner companies in the Philippines to conduct market research and marketing in the field.


Support for activities such as domestic and overseas events, exhibitions and seminars, one-stop service for planning to operation. We also propose promotional activities for foreigners, such as acquiring new customers, increasing awareness of products and services.


As we run an advertising agency business, SNS advertisements such as Facebook ads, listing Google Awards, data aggregation/analysis of Google Analytics, and marketing strategy solutions are provided considering each customer’s needs.

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What else we provide?

Non-stop from strategy planning to advertisement operation!

After understanding the strengths and characteristics of your products and services, formulate strategies tailored to the characteristics of the products and services of the target and the characteristics of the target country, from creative production necessary for advertisement development to actual advertisement operation, subsequent verification · We will respond to improvement in-house.

Translation by native speaker

If translation is necessary, translation by native speaker is done.
There are countless translation services, but does the translation really express the essence of your products and services accurately?
On the contrary, do not you feel unnatural in Japanese at overseas companies’ homepage for Japan?
To truly appeal your charm, you also need to pay attention to subtle expressions and expressions.

Marketing achievements

We do not make proposals with methods, we deal with solutions belonging to solving problems widely, from net applications to real promotion.
We will support and utilize the experience of over 600 companies and the know-how we cultivated in our own marketing activities.


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Introducing you our global LVS team!

Demand for inbound

Company Profile

Before the establishment of LVS INC., Takaaki Nakata the Representative Director, worked in a company in Tokyo that engaged in the broadcasting of newspapers and television programs for Filipinos in 2009. This gave him several opportunities to produce advertisements for foreigners in Japan and plan and manage events.

Established LVS INC. in Hyakuto-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, on July 2012. Advertisement creation, ad placement, event planning and management for media companies for foreigners in Japan were the services offered.
In line with business expansion, head office was moved to Shinjuku-ku Wakaba, Tokyo on January 2014.
Elected as the board of director of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (PCCIJ) on March, he actively working for the promotion of economic and cultural exchange between Japan and the Philippines.


What is PCCIJ?

What is PCCIJ?
PCCIJ is Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines.
LVS Inc. is one of the members of PCCIJ.
PCCIJ main goal is the promotion and development for the trade and investment between Japan and the Philippines. PCCIJ aims to assist members with information needs regarding trading, financial revenues, industries, Japan-Philippine friendship, to become the bridge for mutual understanding and harmony, and to also promote cultural exchange between the Filipinos and Japanese.

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Approach method for foreign residents living in Japan,
We will answer information on Southeast Asia marketing

Demand for inbound

The inbound to Japan will continue to increase for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the 2020 year to come. With that, when, what and how will LVS use the advantage of the wide network and know-how of the foreigners they have cultivated up to now?
In consideration of the following 4 points, LVS will propose suggestions to our clients.

  • Target
  • Timing
  • Device
  • Contents